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Computer and Internet services in Detroit
Computer Price List
  • Basic inspection/cleaning $25
  • Format/reload Windows(yours) $50
  • Virus/Spyware Protection with complete scan $20
  • Virus/spyware Removal (varies depending on type) $35+
  • Hardware/driver (varies depending on type) $25+
All parts pre-tested for compatibility

Owners must bring:
  • Microsoft Product Authenticity Key
    When it’s necessary to reinstall the operating system, Microsoft requires a product key to be retyped for authenticity purposes. This product key could be a sticker attached to a side of your computer or a separate Microsoft manual with the product key on the front cover.

  • Original Manufacturer Recovery/Restoration and Original Application Software CDs
    This enables the Technician to reinstall the operating system and the applications that originally shipped with your computer.

  • Individual Component Installation Driver CDs
    Some components might not be part of the original configuration of your computer. A component installation driver CD is necessary to properly reinstall such upgrades.

  • Notebook and Printer Power Cords
    Please bring the one the manufacturer provided for your notebook or printer. This enables the Technician to more readily test your unit as well as perform subsequent repair checks.

CompTIA A+ Certified IT Technician

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